This woman made an alarm clock that slaps her in the face


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It’ll get ripped off the wall on day 2.

I just need an alarm to opens the doggy door, letting The Little Beast in demanding breakfast.


Q: If the little hand is on the eight, and the big hand is slapping her in the face, what time is it?

A: Time to get the fuck up!


A DIY clock truly deserving of a terrorism arrest…


It goes well with that breakfast cereal feeding robot.


Omg that’s such a great idea! Wow! I really need one of those cause I can never wake up…why can’t I ever think of stuff like that?


I had an idea once to build a setup with a hotplate hooked up to an alarm clock with a small beaker of alcohol-ester in it. It smells like mint when its cool, but when it heats up to a couple hundred degrees it creates a pungent odor that smells like burning rubber. Once you turn the heat off and it cools down again it smells fine again.

I never went through with it though. If you spill that stuff it’ll never get out of the carpet.


I reckon I’d just bury my head under the covers.

I used to daydream about electrified sheets, but I don’t have nearly so much trouble getting up these days.

Come to think of it, having a job I actually enjoy probably makes a lot of difference…


If she wanted to be woken up with a slap to the face, wouldn’t it have been easier to have the Arduino shout out Republican policies and statements on women?


Yeah, I had untreated apnea for a long time, and I wouldn’t wake up for anything. Passing fire engines, gunshots, nothing but being touched, or smelling something burning would wake me up. So that’s what prompted the idea.


V2.0 – ceiling mounted camera to make sure the arm can reach your face (i.e. auto-aiming), extendable arm, and reacts to you waking up by removing the arm. :smile:


165 rpm?

That’s a chick I’d like to party with!



  • If you’re short of money, just earn more.
  • Insufficient health insurance? Don’t get sick. Avoid injuries.
  • Especially don’t get cancer. It’s hard to understand why people choose to do this.
  • If you’re a victim of violence of bullying, tell the person doing it to stop.


A slappy alarm clock? That sure beats my Clocky
Take my money!


Because it’s so easy for the sufferers of sleep apnea and isomnia without resorting to drugs or medical equipment…


I’ve never had insomnia before, but I imagine this would keep me awake (or at least cause me to start waking up before the alarm went off.)


And even WITH resorting to medical equipment. The treatment for sleep apnea is essentially to strap a running vacuum cleaner to your face. Many, like myself, after experimenting with different masks and whatnot, eventually abandon the CPAP machine.


That’s too bad. Sorry to hear you couldn’t find a CPAP solution that was comfortable. BiPAP might be an option for you, and is significantly easier to get used to than CPAP, since you don’t have to exhale against the positive pressure. It only adds positive pressure when you’re inhaling.

But yeah, that sucks man. I’m glad I was able to get used to mine. Those first few months not choking half to death in my sleep were amazing. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and had so much energy during the day that it almost felt like I was on stimulants again.


Why did I hear that in Donald Trump’s voice?


I <3 my CPAP

It’s like techno-crack - Now that I tried it I can’t sleep without it!