How To: play Vlad Taltos in an RPG

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The only real answer to this questions is don’t. Just like you shouldn’t be playing Drizzt Do’urden.


Looks like this sheet was generated under 2nd Edition rules (probably a long time ago). Could use an update to the current 5e.

Been a long time since reading any of the Taltos books. I should check the library for some; Brust is a fun writer.


With a name like Vlad and he isn’t a vampire? I am disappoint.

I just fell into a Vampire 5e game, and reliving my angsty late teens. I’m still a Malkavian, but with the elaborate backstory he’s probably one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever made. I have a like 3 pages typed up fleshing him out. He’s based off of those professional mourners from back in the day.

I won’t subject anyone to the whole thing here, but LMK if you want to see it in a PM.

The Taltas books should so obviously be played with GURPS, not D&D. The sorcery and witchcraft are made for it and they’re nothing like D&D magic.


Also needs an update for his equipment. Godslayer ain’t just a knife. sniff I miss Lady Teldra.

If you haven’t read Brust’s Taltos series, you need to binge it ASAP.


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