Steven Brust's "Hawk" - a new Vlad Taltos book!


Does this mean my Amazon pre-order is finally going to fill?

Edit: Arrived Friday!

The intro to the book sounds like the beginning of Burn Notice. :smile:

If yours hasn’t arrived and you have already read the sample chapter from Cory’s link, why, here is a video of Steven reading Chapter Two we shot Sunday.

Another great romp through Vlad’s world. Brust keeps his characters authentic yet each book has a fresh voice. You might say novel, even.

Wow. Has it really been 30 years since the start? I started reading these in college. Now I have two kids who are college graduates and I just copy my copy of Hawk yesterday.

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With the recent renaissance of sf+f television, I’d love to see someone take on this series. Perhaps anime is the most likely form to get it right - my mental image of the “elfs” as noishpa calls them has always been straight our of that aesthetic.

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