How to prepare to join the Internet of the dead

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My plan is to simply not care after I’m dead. She has the passwords to the banking, not much else matters.


I’m sure your partner will be more than thrilled left dealing with everyone wondering why you’ve not spoken to X, paid Y or attended Z over the course of several months, whilst simultaneously grieving her loss.

Just because you’re dead and don’t care, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about people you care about whilst you still can.


We have joint bank accounts which we both use for both incoming wages and outgoings. If we die together the bank will turn over the details to our children when they’re adults, in the meantime the executors will look after them. Family photos are on a NAS which we all have access to. Social media contacts overlap sufficiently that no-one is going to be out of the loop when we croak.


I need to make my own such plan, for my own family to be able to find/access my stuff, as well as plans for other family members in the same boat but without the technical expertise to proceed.

The new file system should be pretty good for laymen to use to prepare.

"mv /private/me/* /private/me,him,her,thatotherdude/ "

and all your encrypted files are now made accessible to him, her and that other dude.

Well, those that know me will know well enough if I’ve died, so that won’t be an issue. As for bills, she has that well in hand already, and as much grief as I cause her now, she’ll be celebrating, most likely. :slightly_smiling: I guess in my case, those that will ask those questions will ask them within a day or two, and nobody else really matters. I’m close with few, and too distant to everyone else.

You won’t notice or mourn my vanishment from this forum.

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