How to read Reddit at work without getting caught

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What about a skin for, sigh… Lotus Notes?


A bit complicated. I use this on chrome:
Decreased Productivity

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I only do things I can be proud of. “Getting caught” sounds silly.


See also Cricket Australia’s ‘Boss Mode’ for checking the scores:


We can’t bring our tablets to work and check it while we’re sitting on the can? Oh man, the rules SUCK these days!

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Have to see if I can interest them in a solution looking into google sheets through the google APIs.

My employer uses an internal mail application, so I can’t use this Outlookalike.

Until a few weeks ago I used, which presented reddit as google search results. Unfortunately the developer has pulled it offline because it wasn’t worth the trouble or expense to keep it up.

Back in the day, games would have a “boss button” that would throw up a fake spreadsheet or whatever.

I always thought it would be simple enough to implement a game that looked like work, even while you were playing it (like a chess game, that used algebraic notation and padded out the rest of the line with nonsense.)


I’m so sorry.

Also sorry to the whole IBM workforce still forced to use that piece of history.


I think the question is why? If work is so non-work or soul-killing, do something edifying rather than rolling one’s eyes at troll bullshit.

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You should probably just get a new job. God, I hate Lotus. I did helldesk for Apple and had to use it. Blech.

Don’t worry. They promised we’d be switching shortly, two years ago. Any day now…

  1. There is edifying content on Reddit.
  2. If you want a quick mental break from your work, it’s reasonable to be looking for something non-demanding.

As a comparative matter, no. If you haven’t burned out on the fact that stupid bullshit exists and many people think it’s a substitute for actual information, then knock yourself out.

That’s pretty dangerous. Reading Reddit while sitting on the toilet at work is a good way to get an embolism.

Most places that frown on visiting sites like Reddit from work will just block it.

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Is there one for BB? Actually, my work doesn’t mind limited break-time surfing, so BB doesn’t raise eyebrows. It is a very open area, though, so the headlines of topics are out there for all to see. Consequently, I mark all the salacious stuff in my news reader for reading off-hours. Fast forward to my evening browse. My wife thinks BB is some hive of scum and villainy.

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