Software to trick your boss so you can take a break


I just use one of those drinking bird contraptions and have it hit “y” every minute or so. My employers can see I’m interacting with the nuclear reactor control program by looking at their own screens. Nothing could possibly go wrong.


Oof, I run two machines (one running macros) so that I basically have no downtime. Also, the macros run overnight, which is basically like having someone do data entry for FREE.


Relevant xkcd comic

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‘random sheaf of papers and a purposeful stride’ has always worked well for me.


I remember a version of tetris that would put a fake spreadsheet on the screen when you hit Escape.

Of course these days you could just build a real function spreadsheet program into the back of a game, or vice versa.


Or just have a spreadsheet open. I remember when lots of games had a boss button, but that was in the days before multiple windows.


I like setting up processes, walking away for coffee, and being able to say - in the voice of Ralph from the Simpsons - “I’m making data!”


I had this idea ten years ago.


Yep, all iterations of Burning Monkey Solitare has had this function since the mid 1990’s.


Leaving your computer unattended and unlocked showing this gif is a very big no-no.


When I was a PC user in an Office 10 years ago I used a great program called Coffee Break that did the same thing. I am the boss now but FCPX does background rendering and exporting. I’m sure all the other programs will catch up in the next couple years.

I was taught that there is a contract between employee and employer. The employee gives to the employer a set amount of time and labour using their experience, skills and talents in exchange for financial and other benefits from the employer.

This is a tool for breaking your word and ripping off someone who trusts you to do the job they hired you for.


These days? They were doing that in the 90’s!

Ok, so, I suppose not technically much of a game…


That really depends on how much time / how often the employer demands that you give them your time outside of the agreed-upon set amount of time, doesn’t it?

These days, a lot of employers demand all they can take from the employee, and then some.

As long as you’re completing your responsibilities on time and not costing the company extra money, it’s not ripping anyone off to take a break.


People become inefficient if they work for longer than about 1hour at a time. Employers don’t seem to understand this.

If this increases efficiency whilst having happier employees I do not see what the employers problem is.


Boundegar - I certainly remember either the Infocom games or maybe Elite had a ‘Boss Key’ that would throw a fake spreadsheet on the screen…

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My experience has always been that most bosses just to look to see if your butt is in the chair, not what your computer is actually doing. I need a hologram of myself looking busy.


Even a simple text editor can play “tetris” now: notepad++


I have no problems with taking breaks. Its healthy, keeps the mind sharp, reduces fatigue. But to lie about it is another thing.

As for an employer’s demands on your time, why do you give in to those demands? Even a salaried position is based on a 40 hour work week. And, under law, you are entitled to over-time. As workers, you have to fight for your rights. I understand that there are times when there is extra time needed to be put in on something. That happens. But, if it becomes routine, then it is time to stop it. Talk with your employer about it. If that fails, take the proper lawful steps. Just don’t be a cheat.