How to reuse an old calendar

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There are fourteen possible calendars: Year begins on Monday, year begins on Tuesday, etc. and leap year begins on Monday, leap year begins on Tuesday. etc. That should cover it, unless you’re keeping track of Easter or other religious days with moveable dates based on Lunar or Luna solar calendars.


Tear it up.

Use to start your charcoal grill.



I have some signed / collectable ones. So, re-use might be a good option for these as opposed to putting on a shelf & forgetting or the a fore mentioned “burn it with fire” option.


A recently popular thing in the retrocomputing hobby is to go on eBay and buy promotional calendars from the 1980s that line up with today. It’s fun to have a vintage calendar from Atari or Commodore on your wall that also happens to be correct for 2022 :grin:


I’ve been doing this for years. Recently used a 1950s one my parents had.

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I make my own calendars using a calendar generator and images from my (somewhat extensive) archive of things I’ve collected from the internet (or have created). It’s not exactly professional grade - the pictures and pages with the calendar go into a set of page protectors, and the whole mess is bound using ring binders, and it’s hung up with binder clips, but it works, and since it’s in my home office, it doesn’t matter if the images are SFW or not. (spoiler: most of them are not.)

I also have a 24x36 whiteboard out in the common area which I’ve put grid lines on and use it as a shared calendar for the house for things like gaming nights, appointments, etc.


Print the 14 calendars on acetate or some other long-lived plastic.

Write the year on top with a dry-erase marker. Write the names of the holidays in the appropriate days.


But how do you reuse it when it’s covered with past appointments and notes?


Just ignore all deadlines and miss all appointments.


That would make it cool especially if it was from decades ago with a total stranger’s appointments.

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That’s not going to work for holidays that fall on different dates each year.

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