Gorgeous e-ink wall calendar

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That’s actually not half bad.


Agreed. If it synched with Apple Calendars I’d consider having one.


It’s very pretty … but at 7.5" not terribly large (which could be a selling point, although if you’re hoping for a giant wall-mounted calendar, it’s probably not for you).

You could probably build your own based on, say, an Inkplate 10. Using the Inkplate 10 rather than one of its smaller siblings would get you a bigger display than this calendar, although you’d need to write the software and provide the wooden frame yourself. (And it would work out a bit more expensive too; this calendar device is certainly not badly-priced by current standards).


This looks cool. I want more e-ink in my life, and also have a terrible sense of time and am generally disorganized.

One complaint: How can you put “breakfast at Tiffany’s” in the Sunday slot of your press collateral photo, and not put “Meet with Morrie” in the Tuesday slot?


Can it do things beyond just it being a calendar? Would love something with to-do lists and whatnot

Depends, can you program in Python?
If you’re willing to (metaphorically) get your hands dirty there’s plenty of guides to building your own e-ink display thingy. A small display like this is probably around $50, so add in a RaspberryPi and an Ikea picture frame to house it all and you’re ready to go.

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