How to roll dice in space


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Fucking dice, how do they work.


Easy. Some sort of magnetized plate, Rob’s metal dice. Why make it more complicated?

Edit. Watched the video really carefully just in case I missed some fatal flaw in my thinking that makes the 3D printing necessary. Apparently not? And I’d bet something like a magnet-cornered printed D20 would start to get really fiddly compared to a simpler steel version.


Exactly. They would just snap right to it. That would be kinda cool to watch, throwing them across the module at the magnetic plate. Craps without the table. It would also work with any sided die, it just needs to be steel.
You could do it on the Earth too.


I like the idea, but it’s a solution in search of a problem, and - it’s also got a couple of issues of its own. Looking at the news article about Astronaut Greg Chamitoff’s homemade Velcro chess board, I see that BYO magnets are not permitted, and the weight of the metal plate might also be a no-no.

Instead, get some dice, apply (as appropriate, either hooks or loops to complement the chess board) and roll them onto Greg’s Velcro covered chessboard. And as a bonus, they take up little additional space, stowed with the chess set.


Oh, dammit, why didn’t I think of this when brainstorming project ideas for NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program?

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