Flashing LED-equipped dice that light up on critical hits



~davide405 fails saving throw for coveting these things~


These dice would be even better combined with the sound effects from this.

(they’re all correctly weighted for fair throws).

I dunno man, I forsee a lot of saving-throw lawsuits, and it’s so damn hard to demonstrate statistical phenomena in court.

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Oh man. Must. Has.

Does the critical fail come with a sad trombone sound effect?


Now, we’ve done everything in our powers to ensure these dice are weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside.

So, they’ve made an attempt to weight them evenly, and it should be good enough for casual gaming, but there is no way they are truly fair dice.

They do look like fun, though.

( Need to build a dice rolling bot with a scanner to do some stats…)

Non-replaceable batteries, and doesn’t use a kinetic charger. No deal.

More thoughts about the sound-effect dice. With today’s electronics, the dice (especially if it is an exclusive DM-tailored set) could be made to express a rudimentary personality, preferably malevolent.

If a NFC interface with the tabletop is used for communication and powering the electronics, the intelligence/personality could be delegated to a bigger computer elsewhere. An accelerometer can be used for sensing the dice movements and position after coming to rest, a RGB LED can add a dim glow of a color.

A bristlebot-like vibration motor that could make the dice move on their own (and, after coming to rest, roll on their own to a critical fail, then cackle with glee) would be a nice touch.

All batteries are replaceable. “Not easily replaceable” is more accurate.

These are super distressing when your DM is rolling them in combat. :frowning:

Ohhh, I got the d20 a while back with geek points but now I covet the new ones, especially the d10 b/c I play alot of old World of Darkness.

It does suck that the battery is not repacable but it does last a long time, mine is at least three years old. If it lasts at least 2-3 more years I won’t be too mad.

Speaking of LEDs - here is fun and funky found flashing light video from New Zealand band The L.E.D.s

Check out more great music, videos and art at:

  • it’s not all Hobbits and Lorde here ya know ;- )

Concerning sound fx, I was thinking that one or more cheap webcams could be pointed at the area in which the dice are to be rolled, detect the specific flashing pattern and initiate a sound effect.

I suppose that the thrown dice themselves constitute a specifically changing geometric pattern that could also be detected and, without the flashing, initiate a sad trombone sound.

I’m reminded of the open-source sentry gun project, for pattern recognition of the rolling dice.


A lot of the pattern detection equipment need not be inside the dice, causing weighting issues.
Of course, you then require a much more complex set up.

A thought: infrared-reflective markers on the dice. Possibly those retroreflective glass-beads paints, possibly coated with an IR-transparent visible-opaque dye.

A cheap webcam wouldn’t likely be enough, a better one would be called for. Maybe a digital camera with CHDK interface could make one or two pictures per second? Or have a limited table area for the dice?

OpenCV then can be leveraged for the object recognition.

Or we can go for an accelerometer with a NFC interface right in the dice, and have the reader in a “mouse pad”, with no more setup than throwing the dice onto the pad. The pad can be fed from a phone charger, or have a battery inside, and be linked over bluetooth with a laptop or a smartphone.

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Ooh, I like the idea of the surface of the dice area as being a data sensitive material.

Apparently, there are such things as transparent, conductive paints and dyes.
I’m just riffing here, but could different, say, stripes of conductive paint on each of the surfaces ‘inform’ the pad which of the sides is facing down?

I like the idea of having a mat you could just roll out on any desk, rather than having to carry a (or more than one) camera rig around. There could be a rim or edge with built in speakers or even LED read outs. I wish I didn’t suck so bad at electronics. :grin:

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