How to talk to your friends about giving up coffee


It’s hard to give up the things you love. I quit coffee for two years but then went back to it (albeit in much more moderation than before).

I also used to drink diet soda religiously throughout the day and quit cold turkey three years ago. It was harder than quitting smoking and to this day I worry that if I slip up and have a Coke Zero I’ll go on bender and wake up in a house strewn with empty cans and two liter bottles.


Ayn, is that you?

Bleh. Personally, I hate coffee and diet drinks, but yeah…I can’t quit you, Coca-Cola “Classic”.*

*Yes, I know it’s not the REAL classic.

Love the flavour of coffee, but it gives me terrible jitters these days. So I drink a lot of decaf.


And all you ingrates, fine, die early if you want, but me and my coffee mug are going to go on and on. Screw you.




Sometimes I hear a little inner voice telling me that I should cut back, but I find that if I swig down an extra cup or two I can drown it out with the sound of my heartbeat.

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