How much caffeine and alcohol should we (or shouldn't we) be drinking?

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Well I do know at one time I did cut the caffeine out of my life and more or less quit drinking pop/soda/etc. It turned out I was drinking 2+ cans of coke a day for the caffeine hit. I now have 2 cups of coffee with caffeine in it at the most on any day unless I have some long evening drive somewhere. I do love coffee though so make do with decaf after I have hit my limit. Booze has never been a regular thing and outside of college I haven’t gotten really drunk, but I do like a good bourbon or a nice beer with dinner every now and then, and a good lager with a warhammer40k game if I am playing were I can drink.


The only appropriate response to this article…


My problem with caffeine is that I drink caffeinated things just to ward off the withdrawal symptoms. I don’t like NEEDING it so that leads me to want to avoid in completely.


I’ll just leave this here.

Yeah that is about how I feel when the withdrawal headache hits.

I used to drink a minimum of four cans Dr. Pepper a day. In 2004 I started drinking black coffee and quit drinking cokes altogether. Making and drinking coffee gives me a sense of satisfaction. The key is moderation–a pot at breakfast, and one more for mid-morning through mid-afternoon.

Also, I think I may have my first kidney stone on the way.


Well my doctor told me. If you don’t drink you don’t need to start, but a glass of wine or two daily is good for blood pressure. I still do at least 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning - but have cut out the sugar completely (I used to do 1 tsp then completely eliminated it just by slowly reducing and don’t miss it at all) And Interesting just how your body gets used to it - when someone put in just one tsp in my coffee by mistake it was way too sweet. Pop or soda is also the worst for sugar (I think coke has about 12 tsp of sugar) but since I like having a cold carbonated drink, I often just have a club soda, and even my kids will want to share it (because aside from the odd San pellegrino, we don’t buy pop).

In any case, my wife often says the secret to a happy marriage is having a coffee together in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening.


i suffer from a severe caffeine defeciency which i treat with 1.5 liters of strong coffee in the morning and a further 0.75 liters in the afternoon.


Does anyone else have severe intestinal pain after alcohol exposure?

Even smalll amounts of sorbitol and ethanol do this to me, and ethanol tastes like burning, although small amounts of mannitol don’t seem to do this to me…

how is your water intake?



that does not happen to me but i seem to recall that you suffer from a variety of allergic and possibly auto-immune issues that most folks don’t. sorbitol can cause loose stools for me if i consume it in excess but never causes pain.

I abruptly developed ultra-sensitivity to caffeine 5 years ago. I had been drinking 5 to 10 bags of green tea a day for over 10 years without any issues. Now I can only handle one bag of decaf a day, and even then, not on an empty stomach. I don’t know why it happened, but I think my pregnancy may have done it. I really miss being able to guzzle my gunpowder green all day without worry.

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I drink a lot of water, as well as tea. I have chronic polyuria, though, which poses its own problems.

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It seems that I almost exclusively drink things with either (or sometimes both) caffeine or alcohol, and yet still manage to meet these guidelines. And no sodas at all.

I really should drink more water…


Nothing empassions Americans more then the mere mention of denying them Alcohol & Caffeine!


I used to drink 1.5 pots a day, and it took some doing to get me down to the 1 cup 4 days a week that I ingest now. I don’t really drink alcohol regularly, maybe one shot of Jameson a month with a beer chaser.

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