Caffeine can really mess with your head




I’ve been drinking pints of tea every day for 27 years, I’m worried that if I stop I’ll die of not having enough tea. I’m fortunate to not have a taste of coffee because I’m sure that if I did I would be compelled to have too much and my heart could have expolded in my chest a while ago.


I drink coffee slowly and continuously all day, one sip every 15 minutes, right until bed time, and I smoke. I take 15 to 30 mg of caffeine before bed, and sleep beautifully.


Let me enjoy my coffee while I read this. Mmmmmm


I sincerely HOPE you’re being sarcastic/facetious. If not…


I drink about Half a gallon of sugar free energy drink every day. I’m no less healthy than any 60 year old smoker. Funny thing is, I’m 25.


I can only drink coffee before 11am or risk insomnia.
I remember also having Ritalin insomnia as a kid(80mg! 40 at breakfast + 40 at lunch) and frequently hearing the hourly chirps up to and past midnight on my prized Armitron LCD watch.


Did you know that caffeine can cause serious delirium?


The genetic component is evident in my family. One of my daughters takes after my mother: they can drink caffeine late at night, go to bed, sleep until morning. I cannot drink caffeine past noon if I want to sleep that night. However, we skew a different component in the article: mother is a lark, daughter and I are night owls.


Pretty useful little cautionary madlib you could fill in for just about any drug…have fun kids, but stay safe out there!


NO, the “the take-home message here” is that over-consumption of caffeine can mess with you head.

“equivalent to six Red Bulls”
“forty ounces of moderately strong coffee”

You drink too much of anything and it’ll mess with you. Go back a few days to the post on over consumption of water to the same point.

This kind of hyped out headlining is so destructive but I guess it’s good click-bait.


I speak the truth. Tea is the lifeblood.


I don’t think it’s clickbait. I have anxiety/depression that can turn into psychosis when it gets serious (thankfully it’s only happened once), and I’ve known about these effects on me personally for years. If I have one cup of Starbucks’ filter coffee, I get seriously jittery, whereas if I have the venti, my thoughts get really distressingly scattered. As the article suggests, given my anxiety I know not to mess with caffeine.

If you drink coffee and you’re fine, then keep on keepin’, but given how popular it is it’s important for people to know the potential hazards.


I have a sleep disorder - I take a daily stimulant, and if I don’t I fall asleep at 7pm, can’t safely drive except at certain times of the day. I’m one of the “I can drink coffee an hour before bed” people.

One thing I’ve learned from my experience over the last few years, and from my sleep neurologist, is that unless you have one of a handful of well-defined disorders, addressing sleep issues is mostly trial and error, with dozens of free variables at least.


In your case could it be caffeine in connection with prescription medication? This piece makes it seem as if it’s only caffeine alone and most of the test examples are extreme amounts of caffeine – THAT’S what I take issue with.


Make sure you drink arabica. Robusta will make you crazy and possibly encourage you to do horrible things to a civet.


Whoever has been complaining about the dearth of sciencey-BoingBoing in the wake of MKB’s intermezzo, you can now zip it!






If you are going to use an acronym (such as SCAD) throughout your article, please define what it means first.

It took some work, but it apparently means: “Standard Caffeine Dose”… I’m still not sure what THAT really means, since my “standard” is probably different that everyone else’s due the various ways of consuming caffeine.


Beware the heretic who blasphemes our one true god.


I’ve been encouraged to drink tea to help cope with asthma attacks, and with severe headaches.

I’ve also read that I should avoid tea to help cope with sensory issues, with digestive issues, and with chronic headaches.

I’m not sure how to square that circle. I’m pretty sure I should cut down, but that’s easier said than done, and another series of bad asthma attacks or bad headaches could throw that off again.