What happens if you drink two gallons of coffee?

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He probably wasn’t going to get into medical school anyway.


You reach enlightenment?


This reminds me of the time when i worked at a coffee shop. I was working a double shift where i opened at 5am, had an hour or two off, and then went back in until closing at 9-10pm. I remember loading up on coffee, getting tired and then switching to lots of coffee with added espresso, towards the afternoon i was both falling asleep and also feeling amped. It was… not a good feeling and i immediately regretted all my decisions, since i’ve avoided using energy drinks and i try to limit my coffee intake to the mornings if possible.


You’ll laugh so much, your sides will ache, your heart will go pit - a- pat.


Freshman year, first all-nighter, my dorm roommate drank an entire pot of coffee (the old-fashioned kind, basically a half-gallon pot, and made double-strong).

Seeing what she went through the following day convinced me to stop drinking coffee for my entire time at college. It was literally a “Scared Straight” moment I’ll never forget.


2.5 gallons of urine?


There’s more than one way to get into a medical school classroom.




“his heartbeat was pushing his eyes out of his skull”

you know, having a real doctor present this makes one think that it might be…accurate, rather than ridiculous? I wonder how much more of the story was embellished.


well, that was uncomfortable to watch.


One cup of fully-caffeinated coffee gives me shakes, sweat, accelerated heart rate, and the urge to sprint. Even so-called decaffeinated coffee interferes with my ability to sleep.
Why, oh why do I love the taste of coffee???!!!


the erowid caffeine vault is a hell of a trip. caffeine is a drug, full stop. i’m low on spoons today so can’t guess the dose he took but it sounds like he was in the dangerous dose territory


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This is the first time I’ve seen this guy’s videos, but I bet what he does is finds interesting cases in the literature and turns them into a script. I think the eye-skull thing is probably something BB reported feeling.

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2 words: HOLY SHIT!

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I’ve watched some of Chubbyemu’s other videos and wondered the same thing. They all follow the formula, “A (insert type of person here) (insert what he did here). This is what happened.” He often leaves some basic information out, like how much they weigh. It gives me the impression that he makes the cases up for his videos.

Anyway, if you bought a coffee cup at Starbucks, they used to offer to fill it up for free. I bought a venti cup (20 oz) and asked if they’d fill it with espresso, and they actually did. My stomach wasn’t happy after I finished it, but otherwise I suffered no ill effects. That’s the most caffeine I’ve ever had in one serving.

yeah, he’s obviously trying to make it interesting. Which is something a normal vlogger or podcaster would do, and I’d expect it from them.

But when it’s a real doctor talking, you expect facts to come out of their mouth. When he states plainly that someone’s eyes are coming out of their skull–and much worse things have actually happened to people in the medical literature–it sort of breaks the fourth wall. Or rather, BUILDS the fourth wall. You have to make a mental adjustment from “here’s a doctor reviewing a case” to “here’s a person dramaticizing a story”.

It might be unfair to hold a doctor to a higher standard, and say that he doesn’t have the right to be dramatic, but it’s like a judge talking about a case vs. a lawyer. You expect the lawyer to advocate for one side and maybe use hyperbole, but not a judge.

Maybe a better example is someone on Twitter vs. a journalist for NBC. The former can say all sorts of crazy things, the latter should be more reserved and have sources and evidence.

So yeah, a normal vlogger could say this and it goes without notice. A doctor says it and, for a moment, I had to pause and wonder if the guy’s eyes really were trying to escape from his skull.

I think you are confusing “serving” with container. 20 oz is NOT a serving of espresso. It is approx 20 servings.

Fill a 50 gallon drum and I guess you’d still call it a “serving”? :wink: