How to win at rock, paper, scissors




I’m a rock paper scissors lizard spock, man.


No dynamite?


When you keep doing this it really throws them off. It’s kind of fascinating to watch people get weirded out by you giving away a game. “What’s your angle, why are you doing this?!”


Do you mean “I’m a rock paper scissors lizard spock man, man”? Man.


Scissors, paper, stone?

My wife hates that I call it that. Perhaps I was bashed on the head with a rock whilst an infant in South Dakota.


Call it jan-ken-pon then. This is such a fun subject! I’ve tried using some strategy, and it seemed to work, but it was only 1-2 games.

By the way, you really have to play best of three. That’s where the strategy runs deep.


Have at it.


Yeah, but that’s just this season’s meta. I hear that scissors is getting a buff with the next patch to help it see more play.



A guy I play poker with does this. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out this strategy. You just keep thinking, “he couldn’t possibly be giving away his true hand everytime”.


The only winning move is not to play.


I always just ask my gut at the last second.




Much more civilized --and cuter-- than [roshambo] ( “Respect MyAuthoritah!”).



The proper way to win is to be in it for the long game…
I recall somebody telling how they would always choose paper with their little sister when he didn’t give a crap about losing (doing chores, etc), but for the 5% of the time when he did care about winning he would go with the rock…



This tactic was used on a TV show where one participant told the other person over and over that “you’d better do ‘A’ because I’m going to do ‘B’, and if you do anything other than ‘A’, you’re going to get even less than with ‘A’.”

I wish I could remember the contest/show. He didn’t do ‘B’, but did ‘C’ which gave the other person more than ‘A’ would have and himself a decent haul. It was an interesting move by the player.


Always heart Nichijou.