How to write like a 17th century doctor




But how do I make that sweet calligraphy? It’s like the Voynich Manuscript, but weird.


I’m not sure I get this commentary. I read all the original trial testimony of the Salem trials and saw the same things. Spelling was not standardized; people wrote how they heard things. I saw all the same variations in the Salem documents, even people’s names would be spelled differently on the same page, making it hard to figure out if it was the same person as mentioned earlier or not. Not really a doctor thing - just a pre-Webster thing.


The writing in the image looks very close to my 17/18 year old writing…
(I used to do similar abbreviations, but the superscript letter always got underlined for some reason)


I wrote all my class notes in runes (proper, not Tolkien) for the whole year in fourth form. Only my French teacher was ok with it (he gave us wine in French class too).


I’m really fond of this type of “e” - They’re the intermediate step between the upper and lowercase form of the letter. You can see really well how both developed. Check out “Let” (near modern uppercase) and “one ounce” (near modern lowercase).


The unpoffible is poſſible with unicode 017f and html &#383. Unless your browser knows different.


My mother always wrote her lower case “e” that way and now so do I!

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