The Voynich manuscript has been bewildering scholars for more than a century

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This is so interesting every time it’s on Boing Boing.


Just got up to the episode of Tanis that incoporates this…

Schizophrenia’s one helluva drug.

There is a Voynich font and if you use it to make magical nonsense text you find yourself deciding certain symbols look like vowels and others more like consonants and certain juxtapositions of the gibberish just don’t look right. It’s funny since it’s all unknown.


I should try hand lettering it. (Maybe use the platen method mentioned in the podcast. That way, glyph groupings would always look “right.”) I’ll try to squeeze that in with the other conlang stuff I’m working on.

I was listening to this while working on some software specifications, and it occurred to me that people arguing it must be meaningless because it doesn’t follow natural language rules haven’t read any specs documents lately. We always have to be careful that the shorthand and jargon gets written so that the people who requested the changes can sign off on it, and that’s with everyone involved being fluent in English.


Wait… this isn’t a BoingBoing Store post?

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