The Voynich Manuscript for your coffee table

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I thought that had already been solved.


Wasn’t Voynich Manuscript a character in Pacific Rim? And what if my coffee table is already covered in lunatic manuscripts, like multiple Codex Seraphinianuses and the like? Should I get a bigger coffee table? Where should I put the bigger coffee table? By the piles and piles of old newspapers? And didn’t I own a bunch of cats? What happened to them, anyway? What happened to all those cats?


I try to slip a little Voynich into my work whenever I can


It’s coffee tables all the way down.


Hmm. Low resolution paperback versus retina imac. Decisions, Decisions.
Where are these scans?

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That was my immediate thought. :grinning:

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@jerwin the link is in the post

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Next: the creator of the paperback files a takedown request with the Yale Library for rights violation.


This is one of those cases where you really need to see the complete book before purchasing.

The pictures in this post, and the pictures in Amazon’s “Look Inside”, make it look like a really high-quality, fancy reproduction, with aged pages etc. This seems unlikely but definitely not impossible (see books like House of Leaves for creative things publishers do with paperback books).

The pictures that customers posted on Amazon, however, show that this is just a cheap print of a scan, with lots of white space around each scanned image:

That gutter in the middle in particular looks bad.

The cropped images of the pages being used by Amazon, and reproduced in blogs, is making this seem like a very different book, and honestly seem pretty unethical.


Why would I not, were I to want a coffee table version of this, download the super-high-res images, and then use some print on demand service to spit out a nice looking book for just me?
Am I missing something?

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