New Voynich Manuscript reproduction uses new photos, looks great

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@beschizza at least for me the amazon link goes to the amazon main page.


Maybe I had a typo! Should be fixed.


Yep, thanks!

I support the D&D hypothesis myself.


The steps in my plan to launch the peer-reviewed Journal of Voynich Manuscript Studies proceeds apace… excellent!

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Excellent :smiley: I learned about it on a recent Futility Closet podcast and i was very intrigued and wondered if there was a good reproduction available. Good timing

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I thought about getting the unofficial one for my girlfriend last year but it had this ugly black negative space around the borders of the pages. Does anyone know if this one is the same? I didn’t see any pictures of the pages on Amazon.

I have a PDF of this somewhere but always wanted a paper version.

From the reviews:

The images aren’t as large as they could be. There is a large amount of white space on every page.


Very cool to own a copy, though I had it in my head that it would be a “replica” of the book and not a volume with the pages copied. THe large white margins thre me off for a bit, but in the end I have all teh pages in detail and nice write ups and information. Super cool to own. Just wish someone would make a true replica of it now.

So, white space instead of black space, but there is still a margin between the edge of the image and the edge of the page. I haven’t seen it myself, so I can’t tell you how large the margin is.

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Yeah, it’d be nice to see a couple example pages.

It looks like Barnes and Noble carries it in some stores; your best bet might be to find a bookstore and look at a hard copy.


I think that having some blank space in the borders would not be a problem, especially if it was used as a section to have additional notes and information of a particular piece or page. But seems like a missed opportunity to not have a more accurate print version without the extra stuff.

too soon?

A very early manuscript for Barbarella?


Great. Now I have Duran Duran stuck in my head


Ha! Who knew drumpf was trolling even way back then???!!!



Maybe not need, but it’s a book now, and I can get rid of that PDF on the iPad. So, I need this.

Crap, what can I sell?


Semen, blood, plasma and marrow.

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