HOWTO braid your long hair into a Gimli beard




This may be the ultimate answer to all of those crocheted beard-hats from last year. I may have to grow my hair out again. But the link isn’t working for me – my browser says it’s done loading but the page is blank.


More like Middle Earth English teacher, amirite?


I clicked on the link for the tutorial and got nothing but a blank page. I know people who would like to do this, too.


I’m given to understand that it’s not a proper Halloween costume for a woman unless it’s a “Sexy Gimli”, with low-cut armor.


BoingBoing strikes again.


‘Sexy Gimli’. God, I hate the future…


Boingboing strikes again.


“You have my barrette.”
“And my bow.”
“And my scrunchi!”


This is my wife’s picture, and we’re both ecstatic that she got featured on BoingBoing. Since some people are having some trouble accessing the picture, I posted it to imgur as well:


Great! I’m glad that some kids somewhere have a teacher with imagination and whimsy. I was saddled with old hags who had their imaginations surgically removed when they entered the field.


Do female dwarves in Tolkien’s universe typically grow beards? It seems to be a typical stereotype in other fantasy fiction.


I think there’s only, like, three females in Tolkien’s universe, bearded or no…



This woman is a genius.


post pics


If it was the D&D movie dwarf instead of the LOTR dwarf, we’d be talking about how long and soft her moustache was…

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