Into the deep woods


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Wherein Rob and Heather try their hand at cosplay, the art of fandom-based costume design and performance.


I gotta be honest, Rob—I had kind of assumed that’s what your ears looked like under that hair already.


Me, too.


Funnily enough, the reason my ears are bigger than Heather’s is basically because you really can’t even notice standard elf ears in my mop. They hardly poke out at all.

See, people in my business keep trying to emulate Malcolm Gladwell’s breezily reductivist approach to writing.

But they’ve got it all wrong. The secret is the hair.

Big ass ginger hair.



You want to borrow my dog? She looks kind of wolfy:

She probably wouldn’t want you riding her, though. No sir.


This is a pretty gorgeous production, Rob, Heather.

But I must brag I saw this coming. dat pike, much sharp.


OK, you’re both adorbs.


Your ears are much more “Elfquest”-shaped/proportioned (whereas Heather-Krim’s are more ladylike). Where did you get them? They’re wonderful.


Rob made his himself. We worked on making mine but weren’t able to finish them in time. My are just standard off the shelf elf ears.


We live in an age of wonders.

When I was a lad we had to whittle our own elf ears.

Or, well, you know, carve them off an elf.

God, the screams.



My favorite touch, of course, is the bacon-wrapped spear.


You guys nailed it!


Rob, you look pretty much like how I visualized Puck when we read A Midsummer Night’s Dream in english class.


Uh, I hate to break this to you, but you’re never too old for cosplay!