Prosthetic elf-ears with built-in earbuds


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With ears like that, Rob will surely be able to hear the tumblers fall into place in even the most intricate of safes.


For all we know Rob has been wearing them for years.

Or has real ears which look exactly the same.


Only available in caucasian flavor? Disappointing since I have so many EOC friends.


The sellers and models pictured appear to be East Asian, but your point stands. Disappointing lack of color availability.


If only I could buy some vulcan ones.


I think those are adorable, and I’ll check in with the Mamasan first to see if we should make a mass order.


My wife bought some prosthetic ears at a local Comic-Con type convention this past summer. They had about ten varieties/lengths from wood fairy to sea elf (and were VERY serious about the differences). About $30, but they look great and come with special skin glue.



They’re $10. For that cheap, you can buy some spray paint.


Only available in caucasian flavor? Disappointing

That’s what she said.


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