"Roaming in Wonderland with Ears": the elf ear headphones reviewed


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Hey, it’s cool, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway.


Classic :joy:


They’re too small for proper elfage. Dainty little anime tips, really

Look at those things. Someone could put an eye out. On that note:

They’re made of silicone

There is surely a market for tactical elf-ear headphones that can, in a pinch, be used as an improvised weapon. Or at least, y’know, as a multi-tool. To Kickstarter!


Well, SURE they’re going to look good when they do someone up with hair and stuff to look like an elf… oh that’s Rob.


That’s the “before” photo.



Whoa, Elfquest cosplay! Cool!
What’s this about a gadget?


Go all ELF or don’t go at all! That’s what we say around my house.


How about a product link for those eyeballs?


fillerfillerfiller … LOLz


I only wish my “before” photos looked that good :relaxed:




Or Wizards…


Wendy and Richard Pini approve of @beschizza look, with his hair the end result is straight out of the pages of one of their books, which of course means he is actually an alien.


They look great on my daughter, who’s in her freshman year of high school. They’re holding up pretty well to teenager levels of abuse, too.


With ears like that, you might be able to crack a safe, wink wink.


I WANT those!!!

…except they’re probably too big for my ears…

…and I don’t care. :wink:


You’ve read the blog; now buy the doll!