HOWTO build a robotic air-hockey opponent out of Reprap parts




Now get two of them going and presto: a more evolved useless machine. I'm pretty sure I would watch that for hours.


Or an inward facing octogon of them.


Now they should have a creepy mannequin at the computer end holding the paddle and staring directly at you throughout the game.


He did create a second one! The two robots fell in love, stopped competing, and instead spent their time caring for other robots who were less fortunate and in need. Unfortunately when the Board for the Advancement of Consumerism saw how at peace the two robots were, they were immediately seized and destroyed.



I stole the link from this reddit post.
-arbitrary aardvark


Watch your fingers, little kid!


Forget the air hockey, I'm going to start writing like that! Alternating left-to-right and right-to-left is much more efficient.


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