HOWTO make a working Apple ][+ watch


Not that I’m complaining (because HOLY COW this thing is cool), but I feel as though I’ve seen this before…

Wonderful thing!

I wonder what enclosure size you’d need to get an actual CRT in there? Some of the ones used as eyepieces in older camcorders are almost the right screen size; but tend to be pretty deep, which would be a problem, while the ‘short throw’ designs that were doing incremental work in making monitors and TVs less annoying to house shortly before LCDs exterminated them forever are all rather larger…

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Maybe about the size of a Sinclair TV80 flat-screen portable?

It might be possible for it to be smaller, but it’s one of the smallest & thinnest CRT TV’s I think I’ve ever seen.

Sony Watchman CRTs were similar, but they had bigger screen sizes and I don’t think they were this small.

I visited the factory that was still making 1" CRTs (non-folded type) in 2004 for legacy broadcast camcorders!

Here’s a link to some research on small monitors, with some nice pictures:


This is the umpteenth time you’ve posted something that previously ran on a site called… what is it again… oh yeah, “Boing Boing.” You should really try reading it sometime!

Ohh, that’s very clever. Eyeballing it, the CRT throw length appears pretty similar to that of the camcorder eyepiece ones; but they’ve hidden the depth by running it sideways and manipulating the output of the phosphor layer with external optics.

Little large for a watch, potentially promising for a Pip Boy.

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