HOWTO: Make glue-gun sticks out of sugar for building gingerbread houses


I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga describes this in the lyrics to ‘Pokerface’

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Or break the top off of a candy cane and use the remaining stick. Flavored Glue!

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It would have to be an unusually thick candy cane. You could probably shop around for stick candy with a 1/2" diameter.

That would totally rock.

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Why bother?
Just use a regular glue stick… It doesn’t look like it is toxic (probably would just pass right through ya).

Ingestion: Ingestion is not a likely route of exposure. Small amounts are not anticipated to be harmful.
I guess that large amounts could be dangerous by creating a blockage
Ingestion: Physical Blockage: Signs/symptoms may include cramping, abdominal pain, and constipation.

Evil Mad Scientist Labs also has instructions for modifying a glue gun to extrude chocolate, though it’s a bit more work.

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