HOWTO make pixelated cookies




Here’s an old Flickr album showcasing an alternative method of making pixellated cookies.

Also, is “pixelated” with one “L” or two?



12+ hours for shortbread cookies (the fastest, simplest cookie you could make)? Yikes! It’s a nice effect, but it would be faster to just hand-paint them all with food dye (and you’d probably get a tastier cookie, too, as the dough wouldn’t have been over-worked in the process).


definitely finding an 8-bit cookie a faster, more appealing idea. otherwise this would take ALL weekend! old school cookies ftw!


Just add a little rum to your cookie dough and you can be pixelated too!


Well, I suppose millefiori technique ought to work as well in dough as it does in clay and glass and so on… but, yeah, I’d worry about overworking the dough too.

Of course this has been done industrially via a sort of injection-molding… and if dough can survive that, it can probably be formulated to survive anything.


One “l”

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