Review: Keto chocolate chip cookies

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i’ve been in ketosis for over a year, and only dropped out twice, both times because…DAMN YOU DELICIOUS FRUIT.

I haven’t slipped on desserts or breads or pastas, because those are obviously a no go, but a few cherries off of the cherry tree turned into an entire bowl full. same story with blueberries.

@beschizza do you take MCT oil?

these are the piss strips I use…


If the point is to quiet comfort food cravings, then wouldn’t it be far better to make your own cookies at home? There are various low carb flours you can make or buy, along with various low carb chocolate chips.

Then instead of paying for something made in a factory and shipped across the country to you, you can eat something fresh baked and made with love in your own kitchen. And you get to enjoy total control over the ingredients - if erythritol isn’t your cup of tea, you can use stevia or sucralose instead. If butter isn’t your thing, you can use margarine. And so on.


Fuck man, where do you get the time for all that? Send the cookies to meeeeeeee!

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f*ck man, how do you wait so long for your cookies? …i want cookies NOW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(keto-monster says yummy!)

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Or just don’t eat cookies, because, really, who needs cookies?

That said, is there an anti-keto diet that works? I’d happily eat nothing but carbs…


The piss strips say I’m still in keto

Yeah man, well, that’s just like, urinalysis, man.


Keto is life changing enough without piling on additional issues - like guilt! You didn’t chase a Pokemon into Mickey D’s and watch your will crumble like those cookies, now did you? No? Excellent. You made a sensible, rational choice. You experimented with mindful consideration, checked the keto stix for results, and are now questioning the process. Makes perfect sense to me - after 3 years of Atkins (and almost 200 pounds lighter)…I have decided that investigating the possibility that I don’t have to look at another naked chicken breast and pretend that it is dessert is critical to my mental well being. What you did was research, not backsliding. This IS the rest of your life you are talking about here…and re-learning how and what to eat will be kinda important down the road. Or, in the words of my Scottish grandmother “Dinna fash yersel’” (Don’t sweat it. You’re doing fine.)


Where did this myth that nobody has time to cook come from?

I mean seriously. If you use a quick recipe instead of one of those fussy “brown the butter and chill it beforehand” ones, you’re looking at half an hour to mix the ingredients, maximum, then stick dough on the tray and bake. Call it less than an hour, all told - time spent doing something fun, spiritually fulfilling, and involving a lot of standing and walking around, so it’s a good change after a day of sitting looking at a computer screen.


paleo is not ketonic. there’s fruit and, definitely, veggies galore. just avoid high sugar fruits and veggies.

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They’re made of beef right? Beef cookies? With bacon chips?


Sorry to disappoint. Almond flour, almond butter, chocolate, erythritol, dairy butter, and the like. Oddly eggs are the last ingredient, down below baking powder and vanilla.

The piss strips say I’m still in keto after scarfing a few

what is this, some kind of cult?


If you are giving yourself a half hour to just make the mix then making a “fussy” recipe isn’t hard at all. Hell if you are going for a quick recipe you should be eating cookies in 30 minutes. And if I’m lazy enough to go that route I might as well just buy a box of Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookie mix and have cookies in 15 minutes that are as good as the stock quick Toll House recipe.

I’ll take my homemade oatmeal chocolate chip with mini m&m, featuring browned butter, cookies over just about any other cookie.

I dunno I have been doing well with just not eating crap all the time and not so much locarb as opting for better for me things like a salad instead of french fries and keeping sugarbomb foods like donuts to a biweekly to monthly treat. I really need to get more physical activity in but I am down 20lbs and will probably be under 200 before the year is out.
I do know when things like cookies are made in the house I am now more than happy with one or two instead of four or more.

After watching the Jim McCarter presentation here late last year, I decided to try the keto diet. It was the first diet that I ever tried that I actually enjoyed, and that I lost a lot of weight on (I was 290 lbs and I lost 45 lbs over about 8 weeks) without going hungry. Today I still avoid carbs, but I’m not super-strict. I don’t sweat it over the occasional beer or salad crouton, etc. But after three or four weeks of a keto diet, I have almost zero cravings for carbs. The thought of eating cookies or baked goods has almost no appeal to me; a compromised cookie even less so. I’d rather eat an avocado or snack on a piece of brie any day of the week!

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Damn, there goes your future Denny’s movie-menu reviews…

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sharp sugar-alcohol aftertaste

Wuh-oh. I can’t think of sugar alcohols anymore without thinking of those gummi bear horror stories. If you find yourself befouling the local atmosphere, please consider the likely correlation. This news came much, much too late after my adventure in low-carb eating.

If I had money to throw away on exotic carb-free foodstuffs, I’d look for those cricket protein bars.

No, but i’ll try it!

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I cannot eat that anymore, my precious!