Ketogenic diets


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I didn’t know that was what it was called, but I’ve been increasingly reducing my carbohydrate intake over the past 4 and a half months. Started out with a promise of “no candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, or drinks”, now trying to avoid any carbs at all. I’m 51 years old, down from 265 lbs to below 215 lbs. Only carbs I have are some in nuts or an occasional bit of potato.

First time I have not been “obese” in twenty years. I don’t know what its done to my lipids but I think the reduction in weight out-weighs anything else, health-wise. To be classified as not “over-weight” I have to lose 12 more lbs.


I did Paleo (which is pretty similar in most respects) earlier in the year for 4 weeks and went down from 91 to 86KG. It was OK doing it - my innards absolutely loved me for it, but I did crave sugar like mad. Worse than cigarette cravings for me… I plan to repeat the experiment in January.

I can’t find a link, but I thought there was a pretty big study recently by the DOH (?) that showed that health benefits of a low-carb diet included lower blood pressure and better heart health. It’s pretty conclusive at this point; the best thing for the body is pretty much this Atkins/Paleo thing. My only problem giving up carbs (aside from this being the season of Christmas cookies) is really the beer. I get a lot of enjoyment from beer. Cold delicious, hoppy beer.Hmm. Maybe I’ll have one right now!


This used to be called the 'Atkins’ diet, and it worked for many thousands of folks, including my son and myself; one of the ways you knew it was working is that your body went into ketosis.


I want a diet that allows me to lose weight while eating only carbs.


Everything old is new again…

Ketogenic diets have been around since the 70s, at least. I lost 60 lbs on one
a decade ago (over a year). The biggest change I noted with low carb was
NOT having the ‘afternoon slump’ after lunch.

Well technically as long as you stay under your needed calorie intake for a day and space out your carb meals it should work.

I think if you just binged on a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts as your only meal for that day you’d probably still end up fat (unless you are adding in serious cardio).

sounds like some futuristic pizza diet

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Sounds pretty close to the Pritikin Diet. Unless you mean highly processed carbs.

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I mean beer and potato chips.

Actually, I just want time to exercise again.


Including veggies and fruit?

It sounds low fiber. Don’t you have constipation problems?

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I lost over 10kg without ketosis and without cutting carbs in general, and with really modest exercise (walking at least 5000 steps per day). I just cut sugar, specifically fructose and things which contain it, to under the WHO/AHA recommended levels. (25g per day for women, 37g for men, but I aim for 25.)

My suspicion is that Dr Lustig is right about this – it’s not carbs in general that are the problem, it’s the toxic fructose that’s in so much processed food.


Because, you know, we totally understand nutrition and cutting out an entire food group is totally what the evidence supports for uhm… stuff.

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Great! It’s weird diet that makes you smell like a canoe factory time again! Yeesh. Enough, already. Lay off the pies and go for a walk.

Well, part of it is that we include in the carbs group food that’s so highly refined and processed it may as well be called sugar. Smooth soft dinner rolls, for example, will be hitting your blood stream in five or ten minutes as opposed to one or two for straight sugar, and both of those are fast relative to much longer digestion times for protein and fats. And even for relatively healthy carbs, if it comes pre-made then there’s a strong chance it’s been made more palatable by adding sugar in one of its myriad forms (now with more sodium too!).


But cutting out refined carbs is not really what is being advocated by the ketogenic diet, rather it is all carbs, or am I missing something?

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I’m going to run away from this thread before the shrieking starts.


No fruit, and avoiding sweet vegetables, like carrots. Lots of greens. No starches, of course.

No constipation… but things are a little different… so much of the quantity of food was previously carbs which go through you quickly.

I also took up more regular, but less stenuous exercise. I walk at least an hour two days out of every three.


Just had lunch, from one of those buffet places where you pay by the pound/kg. Had a bit of fish, some lamb stew (out of which I only ate the meat), some beef with broccoli (choosing lots of broccoli), and a hard-boiled egg. Only carb issue was the sauce on the beef with broccoli, which was very sweet.