HP detonates its timebomb: printers stop accepting third party ink en masse


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I suppose they come to the conclusion that no one new will enter the printer market with a better printer,


It doesn’t even have to be a better printer at this point. Just a printer that isn’t a dick about refilling ink cartridges.


Oh, sure, you people are all gung ho for protests, but when printers do it you change your tune! Black ink matters? All inks matter!


Maybe this will finally cause people to stop buying HP’s awful printers.


#fuhp !


Guess who happens to be in the market for a new printer? They can keep their intellectual property. I don’t want it.


It just occurred to me that I haven’t had a printer in many years.
What happened to it, I wonder? Perhaps someday I will stumble across it in a closet somewhere.


I shall drink a toast to this innovation, which will surely improve HP’s market share and stock price, with a delicious cup of Keurig brewed coffee…

Oh, wait…


HP should offer a buyback program for their now-broken printers.


Given the hassle of installing a continuous inking system, and their often buggy reliability, surely there exists a huge hole in the market for someone to come along with a printer with big tanks built in, and completely show up all the competition with a printer that costs $150 instead of $50, that takes cheap ink by the 100ml bottle…


Exists, and as someone who sold them, I can tell you people don’t want them.


Big up-front price is a major stumbling block for a lot of people who prefer to amortize that cost.



But I can get a printer for AU$50 and a CIS for like $80.


Ironically, “They’re going to take away your personal property. You won’t be able to own things.” always used to be an argument that would get deployed against Socialism. Now it’s the modul operandi of capitalism.

☭ Sup Marxists? ☭

You and everyone else, but people rightly do not want to fuck with ink refilling and third-party CIS. I’ve tried it and hated it before. To its credit, Epson gives an honest up front cost-assessment and sufficiently scared the bejesus out of HP enough for them to buy me lunch so I could listen to their propoganda about how HP Instant Ink was the most awesome thing in the universe.


I ditched inkjets years ago after totally geeking out on hand loading archival photo pigments. It’s ridiculous that half the insanely expensive ink goes to cleaning the jets, the only way you get the rates pages is by printing the whole cartridge out at once. Better and cheaper to upload to a photo printing service like Costco.

I do need prints but find I rarely even need color, a cheap HP monochrome laser does the job fine and dependably with aftermarket toner carts. It’a gotta be like 8-10 years old now. The family has an HP color laser I picked up cheap, only problem with it is frequent connectivity issues. Again, cheap 3rd party toner. But will HP move the battle front to these devices?


I bought a printer about 3 years ago because i needed it at home. As soon as the ink ran out i’ve since never used it once. It’s also a wireless printer and had frequent issues connecting reliably (it never really worked on anything but my laptop). It can be physically wired to a computer but it isn’t sold with that cable. Out of frustration i’ve just decided not to use the damn thing or buy something else.
Printers, ink cartridges and printer drivers are the damn devil. Almost as bad or equal to the DMV. I’d love to see Apple take that on and freak everyone out with something that just works


If even 1/1000th of the customers this affects actually strike out and damage HP infrastructure in some way, I bet it will go further in demonstrating real consequences to them than lawsuits which tell them that their bed-buddy The State has more power than the customers do.


Nope. It will cause individuals and small business owners who read stories about technology and remember them later to stop buying HP’s awful printers. The corporate masters do not care about this because they do not care about saving $10 on an ink cartridge. Most of us don’t even know about this issue.

@popobawa4u as usual, what the hell are you talking about? You gonna go blow a Best Buy to kingdom come? Express your rage by sabotaging a 1000-foot container shop? Or are you demonstrating real consequences by typing on the internet?


I haven’t bought one from them since one model they put out that was effectively a virus; one which crashes your entire system and is a bitch to uninstall.

Hopefully, this dumb-ass & greedy decision will be the final nail in the coffin for that particular line of products.