Printer ink wars may make private property the exclusive domain of corporations


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Importantly, this is timely because the cartridge cloner who was Lexmark’s opponent in the court case was a subsidiary of Apex Technologies… who just bought Lexmark. There is something deeply poetic about Lexmark being eaten by one of the cartridge cloners they were always fighting with.


That second paragraph no verb.


Kill the market.

slides in quietly…


Free inks.


I very much doubt that most people are going to go along with this - regardless of whether or not a judge or several insist upon it.


I’m printing right now.


Argued what exactly?

I’m quivering with antici…


How do the (presumably-bribed) judges get the juries to go along with decisions like this? I know that juries can be rigged, but - do they just all get bribes as well, or is it something more sinister?


Lexmark printers really are shit anyway. Epson and HP have both gotten the memo that printer ink costs are not a selling point and are trying to outdo each other on value for money. Lexmark is stuck in the past even trying to fight this.


Unfortunately, past or present, their victory would pretty much spell an end to personal property rights, since it allows any company to put a EULA on any product with an active patent.




Juries? What juries?


Oh Rocky!



People still use printers?


Corporations sure as hell do.

And you know what the law says about corporations…


Wow. Did they actually say that?

Fuck yeah! :heart: EFF.


I myself have a team of slaves that hand calligraphy all my documents on the finest vellum…


Those of us who are sane use laser printers.


Seriously. Arithmetic ain’t hard.

The average ink jet printer owner goes so long between prints the cartridge head jams all the time, and a half decent laser printer can last ten years if not longer.

Over the life of a single laser printer you’ll likely pay half again as much for ink jet printers and ink.

But people are averse to big expenditures, and don’t realize that it’s idiotic to throw good money after bad.