HP's new logo a hit

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The problem with the old HP logo was that, when used as a metal logo on a mobile device, the middle of the p could fall out or the tongue of the h could come loose. This design doesn’t suffer from those problems. I don’t know if that’s behind it, though.


Unfortunately, they’ve done their best to be HP by promising to only use it on their ‘premium’ products. Hopefully they abandon that particular idea sooner rather than later.

(In that vein, obviously any company not serving a tiny niche must have more and less ‘value oriented’ products; but there seems to be a philosophical difference between those companies that approach this as a “Yup, here are our good products; over here are the ones where we really got to pull out all the stops!” matter and those that approach this as a “Here is our Premium line; over there are our plebian penal products, if you must…” The idea that you would break anything resembling a consistent design language purely to accentuate the difference between the two just reeks of the latter view, which is unfortunate. It’s a trifle odd because, in some places, HP is actually pretty good about this: Something like their “Stream”-brand laptops, while dire in spec terms because the price point allows nothing else; embraced the fact that they had to be made of plastic with a durable, vibrant, distinctive take on that; not just a creaky plastic clone with silver paint of the model they actually wanted you to buy. I can only imagine that the team behind those was not the brain trust who decided that “We hate a logo enough to replace it on our actually good products; but will voluntarily continue to stamp it on our less loved children, so that the logo that more clearly identifies our company is associated with its lousiest products; because this is clearly genius.”)


The new logo does look awesome. Problem is, buying an HP product isn’t about getting a great logo, its supposed to be a great computing product. My experience has been that hasn’t changed one bit.


Anyone else see that as a digitus impudicus when viewed inverted?

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liji? lqi? lyi? lip? hji? I don’t get it.

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I like it -though I think two horizontal bars, at the top of the h and p (but maybe leave the lower part of the p open) would have been even better.

I’m not seeing that; but if you told me that it was the logo of an entity that produced ‘ambient, technical, blackened death metal’ rather than consumer electronics; I’d probably believe you.


I thought it was a British Petroleum logo



With old logo, with patience, a razor blade and double sided tape, you could peel it off and turn it 180°. Then you get a nice lower case “dy” computer.

I’ve decided this is from an alternate world where DEC bought COMPAQ and then acquired HP and formed the Damn Yankee computer company.



And when it boots up, would it play this?


Unfortunately, for HP, they probably should be playing “Fix Me” at max volume during board meetings; couldn’t be worse than whatever strategy they currently use.


Interesting to compare and contrast this approach with their competitors.

HP: We are only using our iconic logo and stylish, modern design on “premium” products.
Apple: Everything we sell is a “premium” product.



HP’s new logo a hit

Yeah, a "press hit."
This non-story is all over teh interwebz.
HP’s pr machine must be in overdrive.



I don’t have a feeling one way or another about the logo.

But I wish I could look at it never having seen the other logo or knowing that it was an HP logo just to see what I thought it looked like. As it is now, it is impossible for me to look at it with fresh eyes so it seems obviously to be a stylized version of hp, but I wonder what someone who has never seen or heard of hp thought it might look like.


Very very similar to Lip’s logo, the French watch maker


Very sexy and ballsy logo. It’d be so tempting to add a few little nubbins to complete the H and P but they restrained themselves, which is surprising.


I think HP may have a future in logo design