Huge waves batter Carnival cruise ship as it heads back to Charleston (video)

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Top heavy pleasure barges that couldn’t survive the north Atlantic winter, much less win the blue riband.


I did four overseas deployments on LST’s, or Landing Ship Tanks, Navy ships designed to literally beach themselves on shore and deliver Marines, tanks, and other assorted heavy equipment. To do this requires the ship to have a rounded hull similar to a canoe, making LST’s in essence, 500+ foot-long canoes sailing in deeeep Pacific ocean waters. They didn’t pitch too badly, but man when they rolled, they frickin rolled, sometimes 25-30 degrees each side. Try imagining this walking down your office hallway - it’s some surreal shit.

Anyway, this video kind of reminds me of those deployments. Minus the water in the passage ways, which is fine by me since water like that in the p-ways would mean the shit had hit the fan. Fun times.


No refunds.

Actually they probably make you pay extra for that


Reminds me of when I took a ferry from Kobe to Shanghai. The first night was a storm that tossed the ferry around. We passengers were all in various states of distress. I was mostly lain flat with nausea, but considered myself fortunate I wasn’t heaving ‘til I saw the angels.

The second night was awesome, though: giant, bioluminescent jellyfish rose from the depths around the ferry. During the day we saw dolphins (porpoises?) and flying fish kept pace with the boat for a while.

The way back was smooth sailing, thankfully.


Was on a Carnival cruise from Miami to some island maybe 15 years ago … we had weather like this for a night and day. Our window was getting submerged at times… had to sleep 90 degrees on the bed to stop from rolling out. No ship damage luckily.
I don’t care how many lifeboats and flashing locator lights and the whatever… humans weren’t meant to be on water like that… it was terrifying.


I’ve taken two long-ish ferry rides in my life. One from Glasgow to Dublin. The weather was awful. Massive winds and waves, and the ferry took it like a champ. Inside you’d hardly know how bad it was outside.

The ferry from Cape Town to Robben Island, though? I was sure the little ship was going to sink. We were being tossed around in rolling waves and driving winds. The ship rolled so much that standing in a doorway looking “straight out” I was looking down at the water. Then up at the sky. People were losing their lunches, and holding on to railings to keep from being pitched overboard. People were terrified, and I was thinking about the odds of surviving if the ship turned turtle. And down in the passenger area inside was a colleague, calmly reading a book as if she was sitting by a swimming pool. It was an amazing sight.


One ferry had working gyroscopic stabilizers?


The ferry to Robben Island was much smaller.


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