Hum that song stuck in your head and Google will identify it

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I’m sure this kind of tech will be used for even more abusive copyright enforcement in the future.


Dear Composer
You may hum your original composition into our soundalike testing module and determine whether it is indeed original.
If our soundalike testing module determines that it is original, you grant us full licence in perpetuity to exploit it in return for a mere pittance as royalty payments.
If our soundalike testing module determines that it is not original, you agree to immediately pay us the sum of $1m as a bond against our being required to pay royalties to others who originally created the composition in question.


If not for that $1m clause it would still be better that BB forums ToS - according to ToS you technically give up all your rights to everything you link to (you don’t even have to upload).

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Not really. You retain all your rights, but license BB “to use your content in any way we choose.”
I can still publish @someguy’s Book of Clever Comments, but so can they.

I just can’t demand a share of the ad revenue on BB even if we all know it is my comments driving traffic here.

There goes my songwriting career. Everytime I come up with a somewhat familiar melody I’ll hum it to google and they’ll shit all over my aspirations.


“In any way we choose” also allows uploading to various copyright filters like Youtube Content ID, or sublicensing to any company who will monetize it that way. For example a video on youtube may then be monetized on behalf of that third party, and it’s perfectly legal to do so.
“In any way we choose” may also mean a lot of other ways that will effectively take away original creators copyright. I’m sure BB wouldn’t do that, but some subcontractor could as a means of aggressive monetization strategy.

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I admit I was one of many who used to sing into my smartphone, thinking it could do this. Then I realized it was only listening for the encoded ID track, much like the digital radio uses to scroll song info on your car’s display. After that, I only used in restaurants to ID the songs on the speakers there. It passes the time until the food shows.
Wait - remember restaurants?
Anyway, I feel this is a groundbreaking leap in technology, second only to the transistor. I’m psyched!

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