Human hair as a computer interface


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Seriously though, awful music aside, I see Halloween costume possibilities.



That Medusa too. Too bad the writing on that show was soooo poor. It was pretty well cast but the writers and director wasted the talent, IMHO.


I didn’t watch it after all the bad reviews but I heard the writing was so terrible that Black Bolt actually refused to say any of his lines.


I’ve been intentionally avoiding it, due to all the poor reception from people whose opinions I trust.


Wise. Wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to bother with it.


In my fellow nerds, I trust.



A clear ripoff of Remy’s haptic hair interface from Ratatouille.


It’s not a bald spot, it’s a solar panel for what’s left of my computer interface.


I assume all the umlauts in “HäirIÖ” are there to tell you that using hair as a computing interface is a kind of hair metal.


I’d be more impressed if I could train my hair to do this. Or Neuromancer’s plug-in uplink.



But also… those people seem to be having more fun than they should be allowed.
I’m against it!


My beard does this already, and I can’t control it.


I am filing a complaint for the deliberate misuse of umlauts in a nonsensical and unfunny way right now.


Good, because they can fall off and cause accidental punctuation.


I just hate it when that happens.
Punctuation is. tricky, enough, already.


Headline from the future: “Male pattern baldness cripples one half of the internet.”


Have we really given up on antennae, then? [sad Charlie Brown music; Michael Cera walks by red doghouse with beagle on top of it]