Human Rights Watch report: Surveillance is harming democracy




Wiretapping MLK harmed democracy too. Slavery harmed democracy. Do you think the guys in power give a damn about harming democracy?


Of course they do. It’s just that they are in favor of it.


In other “No Fucking Duh News…”


…Fire burns stuff, light is brighter than dark and things in a gravity well tend to fall downwards.


There are two sides to this story.
First of all surveillance is necessary to capture people who have committed murder, homicide etc… Without surveillance the murders would go free and never get convicted. Most of the trials never go to court instead they go to plea bargains.

Second of all, surveillance can be abused like how the NSA is doing right now in the USA. The Police can use it to arrest innocent people. So, you are afraid of the NSA spying on you but you do not worry about security camera monitoring your everyone in the city, in the supermarkets etc.If you have nothing to hide then why are you concerned about people spying you.


This just in: today, a lazy, incompetent, police-state apologist trotted out the lame, morally-bankrupt nothing to hide argument.

Moving on to more significant news, a Hollywood celebrity today wore questionably fashionable clothing to a location where they might reasonably have expected a modicum of privacy. The horror!


Only as a “to do” item. I think it’s between keeping the citizens in line and picking up the dry cleaning.


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