"Human, you can do the thing" in doglish, but subtitled in pom talk

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I must have forgotten most my dog. I heard:

“My butt. I can lick my butt. My butt. My butt.”


I miss having a Samoyed ): Our dog was pretty vocal as well and would make all kinds of sounds at you to get your attention or make a point to you about what he wanted. Would totally love to have another one but wouldn’t be able to give them the attention and time they would need.


He’s got my vote.

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Anyone else misread that as “subtitled in porn talk”? Would have made it more interesting. And disturbing.


I had a mixed spitz. They look a bit like that. Sorta like a white chow and like chows, mean fucking sons of bitches. Unless you are the alpha dog. You can do no wrong then. And then, you can grant permission to others… The best way I found to let others in the house was to sit them on the piano bench. That was my chair. The dog recognized that and would not go medieval on your ass.

I have a Boston Terrier. They are an anatomical abomination, and the saddest part is that he can’t reach his own nether regions. My spouse somehow sees this as a desirable feature.

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