Hunger Games prequel trailer debuts

Well the movie has a map with similar features, so within the movie universe, at least, yeah, it’s supposed to be a drastically de-populated North America.


… he’s actually been in a lot of other movies

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You just had to be that guy, didn’t you?


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IMHO, these made Mad Max worse, not better.

All those changes happened Max’s lifetime, within the span of a few years? I don’t think so.

See also: “Wait, the Empire is only ~20 years old?” in Star Wars


Fair enough; my only point was that I at least had an inkling of an idea what had happened to Max’s world to turn it into such a dystopian hellscape.

I guess if one is person of privilege, it might seem like a trivial aspect to get so hung up on; but from my POV, saying that whatever ancient cataclysm happened in THG “doesn’t matter” smacks of both American “exceptionalism” and the author’s general self absorption.

Eh. In the early Mad Max movies it was pretty clear that it was a severely effed-up world even before the apocalypse that was vaguely referenced at the start of Mad Max 2. And Beyond Thunderdome came out 6 years after the original, so the timeline more or less works out given the age of the kids that were apparently onboard the plane at the time of the apocalypse.

What made much less sense chronologically for me was the timeline in Mad Max: Fury Road. It still said that Max was a former cop haunted by those that he was unable to save, but he was way too young to have been a cop in that world given the ages of other characters. Furiosa was older than him but grew up after the apocalypse.

But that movie was so good that it didn’t need to make sense.

I’m not sure “kids murdering each other for sport” takes that many steps from now, sadly. I watched the first movie and Nope’d out.

Totally with you on all the rest.


Word; the façade of civility is crumbling all around us.

I read all three of the original novels, as I did with any YA fiction that my kid was gonna read… the utter lack of world building, the two dimensional characters and the underwhelming conclusion made me nope out of ever seeing any of the films. The idea that certain areas or people ‘don’t matter’ and the idea that history doesn’t deeply impact the present is abhorrent to me.


Then I missed nothing of value -



The only thing I liked about the books, and I mean the ONLY THING, is that the winners did not run around celebrating and generally get treated like heroes. They ended up broken, with massive ptsd. The war and the fighting wasn’t glorified or lauded after the fact. The characters were shells of themselves, as I’d expect after such trauma. This ending isn’t common in these kind of movies where often times the end is played like a celebration and party.

And then the movies came along and it turned everything into a game where you “pick” Team Katniss or Team Petra.

During the late ’70s and early ’80s society genuinely seemed to be falling apart—crime rates were going up and up and nobody knew that it would all mysteriously stop and reverse in the ’90s

and of course nuclear catastrophe can happen in one shitty afternoon

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