Marcus Sakey's 'Brilliance' trilogy is a disturbing near-term dystopian future

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A dystopian trilogy?

Is there a four-part film adaptation on the way?


I read something about it either being a film series or made for tv movies?

So… Nancy Kress’s Beggars in Spain but they sleep. Thanks muchly,

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Pity about the changes in cover design.

That’s a really popular plot device, but it’s really not how evolution works.

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I read the first one of these. It was decent.

The series starts off well, but bottoms out in a pool of tired mutants…er…“brilliants are people too and deserve love and respect” tropes beat to death by the X-Men since the 1960s. Also, the final book is filled with genetic supermen with plans and strategies unworthy of 3rd graders playing Risk. Clearly meant as a pitch for movies or a TV series. I hope Hollywood spends its money elsewhere.

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