Karl Schroeder's "Stealing Worlds": visionary science fiction of a way through the climate and inequality crises

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How they… what? The thought appears to be incomplete.

But yeah, the book sounds interesting. I’ll add it to my huge pile of “stuff I need to read.”

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I loved his ventus series, but the ending was a bit flat, I thought.

You had me at “Karl Schroeder”. All his stuff is quite good/great/mind-blowing. Virga is a pretty dang mind-blowing universe. Starts as a sort of zero-gravity swashbuckling YA adventure but swiftly transitions to a much wider cast of characters and themes.

I am pretty sure he also consults for the Canadian government as a Futurist. Oh, Canada!

For anyone doing SF market research, I want to make it clear that I will read this because Karl Schroeder is very good, nnnot because it pleases me per se for new novels to investigate edgy questions like “what if climate change is quite bad” or “what if we shouldn’t be leaking personal data so freely”.

As Karl is to you; so you (Cory Doctorow) are to me. I bought this book as soon as you recommended it :slight_smile:

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