William Gibson's Archangel: intricate military sf, mercilessly optimized for comics


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Any idea when the trade paperback will be available?
(guessing it’ll be a while if #2 isn’t out yet)


When Alan Moore’s Providence came out I decided that for the first time since childhood I would seek it out issue by issue, instead of buying trade paperbacks later. I don’t read many comics even in trade paperback format, and had not been in a comic store to purchase something in maybe 20 years. It was fruitless. I went in, asked for it, didn’t have it, told they would order it I should come back in a week. A week later, still don’t have it, told to come back at the next delivery day. Come back, still don’t have it. The guy was not very helpful, or seemed engaged in keeping me as a customer, I gave up and ordered it online. I now have gotten each issue that way without a problem. And I just ordered the first two of this online. meh.


I’ve got to say - I can see a potentially great movie in Neuromancer, though maybe the other books are harder.


Missed it by that much.


I just hope it’s better than Zero History was. Cory liked it but God was it a slog. An entire book about people being eccentric and asking around about a denim jacket.


Well… there’s Johnny Mnemonic and New Rose Hotel.


On a different note, Gibson must be pretty chuffed about Pokémon Go.


I think the bridge series (the three books starting with Virtual Light) have the best potential to be turned into a movie. Its relatively accessible near future technology in an environment which many people could relate to. I think there are about five movies in Neuromancer, but once you take out the subtext, there won’t be much to watch apart from the action.

Neuromancer mainly happens in the heads of Case and Molly, and I don’t see how you could film that without a bunch of dream sequences and flashbacks.


This sounds ace, but … I think I’ll wait for it to be completed before I read it. Reading stuff piecemeal really kills the excitement for me, I totally forget it by the time there is a new issue out.


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