Mona Lisa Overdrive, my favorite William Gibson novel, on sale for $1.99 in Kindle edition

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Not in Canuckistan it seems. is showing full price too.

Shows 1.99 for me on amazon dot com.

Time for proxy but Amazon keeps track of their devices so they would know I am not in the US.

Expanding the context beyond the article tag: this is the third book of the Sprawl Trilogy. Neuromancer is first, followed by Count Zero, followed by Mona Lisa Overdrive. They are a great read… advisedly in publication order. :slight_smile:


I have never read a William Gibson novel and I am in need of a book. Being a completest I suppose I’ll start with Neuromancer. Probably won’t get the discount though but thanks for the heads up.

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They are a great read… advisedly in publication order.

I read them in reverse order in the early 90s. I knew was reverse order and I don’t why I did it, but I did. It was interesting and I’m glad I did it that way.

They are a staple at any used book store.


I read them in reverse order too, but didn’t know any better. So good.

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Truth is, I probably didn’t either. The above was very likely some post hoc bullshit I made up to keep my own ducks floating in a perfect row. Such are the things we do for sanity.

Thanks for the heads up. Beginning to buy Kindle versions of some of my SF collection (seems appropriate somehow). May do a lot of it. Wish that Amazon or the publishers would come up with a way to buy a ‘bundle’ - for example, let me make one order, pay one somewhat-discounted price, then ship all of Gibson’s novels one at a time to my Kindle.

Lots of author/publishers are doing just that already. Gibson’s work would be well suited to those sorts of bundles since he seems to do everything in trilogies.

Still 11.99 AUD on

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