The Peripheral: William Gibson vs William Gibson



I’m looking forward to this. I went through a bit of a Gibson phase last year, re-read all of his books, and while I liked his more recent stuff, I’m curious to see what this new hybrid Gibson is like.

I planned on checking this out eventually, but what you’ve written has moved it a few notches up on my list.

Though I probably won’t get to it before the end of the year, I’ve already got a already-purchased-to-read-list of about 10 books.

Can’t say that any of Gibson’s recent stuff has come close to the Neuromancer trilogy, which I was lucky enough to read as they came out. Sorry, but bespoke Japanese denim just doesn’t grasp my interest in the same way that his harder sci-fi stuff did. I have high hopes that this will be a return to his old style.

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I love all his stuff, but I like the Bridge trilogy best of all.

Really looking forward to this. Didn’t read what Cory wrote above because I want to read it completely cold.

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Its quite common to speak of Gibson’s work in terms of dystopia but I personally never saw things that way. I don’t have a source handy but supposedly Gibson himself said that from the 80s Cold War perspective he felt that his work was optimistic in that there was a future for the world at all. Maybe this opening statement of the review is like people who tend to see a glass as half full?

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I have a shelf reserved for unread books, so I always have a lot on deck (this is the sort of thing that happens when you go drunk shopping at Powell’s), but a new Gibson book goes straight to the top of the list. Yay! I’m excited.

I tried but could not get into Zero History, indeed, Neuromancer & Pattern Recognition are imho his best works, so thanks for this review.

Looking forward to this.

I liked Pattern Recognition (Didn’t care as much for the other two in the BigEnd trilogy) and Neuomancer’s kind of a ‘duh’ thing for me. So I’m going to be interested in what Miku’s spiritual grandfather has in store for us.

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