William Gibson's sci-fi thriller, The Peripheral, coming to Amazon Prime

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Just in time for the Jackpot!

We can watch it unfold in real time.

With our fists shoved in our mouths and screaming with terror.


Always thought it was the easiest of his series to make into a miniseries. I’m always excited for more cyberpunk.


The takeover of the UK by the Klept is already underway and we have the pandemic and the first large-scale consequences of the climate emergency, for a start.

Really looking forward to this TV series.


I was part of the pilot screening and review a few months ago. It’s quite well done and I was hoping that it would get picked up for full series.


Loved the book. Not sure if I’ll enjoy watching Nolan turn it into Person of Interest though.


So… you’re saying this was all just to make a backdrop for the filming of this series?


Just finished my 4th(?) re-read of The Peripheral and Agency. Hopeful.


Still hoping for a Blue Ant Trilogy series.


Why watch dystopian fiction when you can just pay attention?

Seriously though, I just read Agency (wasn’t aware that there was a preceding book) and between Nolan and Moretz I’m pretty excited about this.


Gibson is one of the top SF writers alive, and “The Peripheral” is simply a great book. Gibson’s image of the America that’s coming (and in some places, already here) is a pitiless examination of our deep flaws–without a single pedantic scene.
Read all of Gibson. Every single thing he’s written will reward you with a tremendous read.


Well, this is exciting for all sorts of reasons, eh? First off, just on its own merits, the trailer looks good. Really good.

In some ways I’d say I’ve been waiting years for a good screen adaptation of a William Gibson novel, but then I also wonder if actually it’s a good thing so few attempts have been made. It really is only recently that the necessary visual techniques have existed, and I’d say even more recently that the bravery of production companies has allowed for such large-scale world building or story telling. Perhaps that’s just my impression of it.

I hope it’s fantastic, partly for its own sake, but also partly because one day I want more than anything for somebody to make a visual version of Virtual Light, and if The Peripheral is good, it increases the chances of that happening.


I can understand that desire. It would certainly be cool to see The Bridge, for one. But on the other hand, in my head Virtual Light is a very 90s vision of the future. You know, bike messengers and data sunglasses and such. Seeing it done in modern sci fi style wouldn’t quite work, and you would need a very visionary director and production designer, and a risk happy studio, to have it done in retro-futurism of a recent past.

Have we ever seen any retro-futurism of any decade other than the 30s–60s (or the late 19th century) on screen?

Maybe it’s time.


I was just gonna say, I’ve tried multiple times to get through The Peripheral, which was an utter surprise to me, given my love for the rest of Gibson’s work. I’ve been waiting just for Pattern Recognition, but the whole trilogy would be great. I guess I should try The Peripheral again.


Huh, it’s one of his best, IMO. But maybe that’s just because it addresses modern anxieties and problems.

I didn’t dislike it, it just didn’t draw me in like his other work. Like I said, I’ll try again; it’s been awhile since I last put it down.


It was some of his best work. But maybe too woman centric for the executives.


As much as I am looking forward to this, I am still hoping that Gibson’s Blue Ant/Bigend trilogy get made. They still hold up, and I love the protagonists, the deep dives into old and new tech and real-world minutiae of all kinds makes for quick world building.

At the very least, I hope Pattern Recognition sees a live action series .

Edit to add:

I wish I had seen this before I wrote mine reply, your’s was more succinct. Hoping it happens some day!


One of North America’s best living writers, without a doubt. Fingers crossed they do the novels justice, and that it doesn’t get cancelled.

But I still want a Neuromancer movie, dammit!

And I can’t discuss Gibson without urging all you fans to read Jack Womack’s Dryco series. I also want an Elvissey movie!


The great thing about it is that although it reads as science fiction, they were contemporary novels and simply good storytelling. That said, I would love to see Hubertus Bigend on television.