Hunting license for Fed drones


I hear Deer Trail has a very nice Titan I silo that can be explored.

How do you tell the difference between a federal drone, a state drone, a municipal drone, and a privately-owned drone?

Or a very ugly, rigid bird.

Pretty soon drones will have to fly in pairs to cover sixes and catch these licensees on camera for prosecution.

Finally something the gun folks and I can agree on.

It depends on who comes to arrest you.

Yes, let’s encourage people to shoot at stuff. What could go wrong? I’d prefer to have neither a surveillance state nor a bunch of self-appointed “freedom fighters” and vigilantes thinking that a gun can solve their problems.

Or Superman. Though shooting at him mostly just annoys him.

In some parts of the country drones will be targets of opportunity, license or no. This will of course lead to new laws, so that shooting one of Uncle’s drones will be a bigger crime than shooting another human being.

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but what about drone inthusiests ? how can you tell the difference between a fed drone and a Maker drone. Boingboing itself is all about pimping home made drones.

guess they’ll have to fly somewhere else, or at least away from the hunters.

These paranoid dildos are the same type of idiots who’ve been building up militias around the heartland for the past few decades.

… Yet, I must say that if it weren’t for the tin-foil-hat looniness, I’d be fine with shooting drones from the sky.

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The stupid part is that no actual drones have ever been seen in Deer Trail, so it’s a bit like that Indiana law banning human-animal hybrids. It also reminds me a little too much of laws declaring open season on Federal agents, which have actually been proposed in some places, though I believe never actually ratified.

Let’s not forget the passage of bills banning Sharia in bible-belt states. :confused:

It always surprises me that they didn’t give a phlying phuck when Bush was droning the Middle East and Pakistan…paging Rear Admiral Obvious…

And now I finally know what happened to ED-E.

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