Husband builds 'accessible' Nintendo Switch battle station for wife with aggressive MS

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That’s a good man, I’m glad you shared this. *tries now to cry* Q_Q


I want to point to AbleGamers for their constant work in making interactive media accessible to all.

The folks of the organization were working in secret to help develop the Xbox Adaptive Controller, among many, many other initiatives. For years, my Amazon Smile is set to AbleGamers for all of these efforts.


That’s a fully operational battle station.


Heh - funny story, AG was the first place I tried to post pics of the build! I used to chat with some folks from there - sheesh, more than a decade ago now, I guess? Anyway, back in the day they were big supporters of us when we’d raise money on the MS walks. I hadn’t been back to the site in a while, sadly, so I couldn’t find their message boards! They are definitely great peeps and BIG supporters of us (even before this!), and I have mad love for that crew, they are GREAT peeps!


Shut up! I’m not crying, you’re crying!


I cry in beauty
that from within love is forged
so others can hold head high

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This is super awesome! Just a note that “handicapped,” which is used in the imgur gallery, is considered dated at best and offensive at worst.

I teared up a bit. This is the kind of love we need.

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