Hyperface: a fabric that makes computer vision systems see faces everywhere


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/04/hyperface-a-fabric-that-makes.html


Pashmina-type scarves in this would be spectacular. I’m in!


PKD was decades ahead of his time


And more recently William Gibson’s Zero History proposed pretty much exactly this idea (the “ugly t-shirt” that rendered its wearer invisible on CCTV).


Resting hyperface?


I find it cool that the unusual hairstyles and makeup of cyberpunk characters actually has a purpose!


I’m glad someone’s doing this stuff.

Meanwhile, it kind of freaked me out that 1px per character is enough resolution to basically read times new roman.


Now, if someone would come up with patterns that make automatic license plate readers “see” unparseable license plates everywhere but that humans won’t actually mistake as a license plate I’ll paint my car with them.



When AI becomes sentient, this is how we’ll mindfuck it.


When cars are self driving, it’ll turn us all into hood ornaments.


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