Hyperlapse: Handheld timelapse from Instagram


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What will the “pro” version be called?


it both puts the fun into things, an takes it out of them.
one’s perception of ‘reality’ is based on experience - if you re-experience your memory in a ‘timelapse’ high-speed version of the event, it both magnifies it, and belittles it at once… the actual experience is forgotten/replaced.
I’m sticking with video.

Agreed. My Instagram feed is awash in #HYPERLAPSE! COOL!, and its getting a bit tedious. Hopefully the novelty wears off soon. In the meantime, I’m holding out for that pro version…

I think this was presented in Siggraph 2014: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/projects/hyperlapse/


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