Hypnotic video of dropping liquids into an aquarium


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Some of those liquids looked… chunky. (Shudder) We probably don’t want to know.


I thought the same thing! Curdled milk came to mind…



Fun fact this is how Toho studios did a lot of volcano explosion effects for their giant monster movies.


Also the storm clouds in movies such a Poltergeist and Close Encounters.





And re-created on purpose for the movie-within-the-movie of Roman Coppolla’s CQ, because of its tip of the hat to Barbarella-esque visual fx in films of the era.
I hate to loosely say “resemblance”, because if I remember the quote from the DVD extras correctly - it’s been years - they wanted the effect to be as close as possible to the original, so they did it just like they did in the past, with colored liquids and a tank of water.


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