Media logos were originally physical sculptures


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At Pacific Title there was one of the old Warner Bros logos, an oil painting - actually painted in black and white - still hanging on the wall from the 30s or 40s.


I thought I saw this here a few days ago. I must have been thinking of somewhere else.

Anyway, I was hoping this might get into how the Toho logo was made, but no such luck. What’s the story there?


Almost as awesome as this famous motion tracking sequence:


This makes me so happy to see. I have fond memories of watching this intro on HBO. Everything about it was so amazing to me. From the visuals to the sweeping and epic orchestral score. Any time I would watch a video of something taped off of HBO I would watch this over and over again.

Many years ago I found the very video featured here on YouTube and was just blown away at how this was all entirely made up of clever camera work and practical effects. The attention to detail here is just amazing.

A while back HBO posted the intro on their official channel:

I’d love to see a remastered high def version of this so I can really pick out all of the little easter eggs I never noticed before (like the bums and the hookahs).


a while back I carved my initials in steel
it was quite difficult to choose the right font


Well, for this sort of thing you can’t go wrong with Comic Sans.



Some of the shots show film cameras, (not sure that I could reliably tell 16mm from 35mm) so maybe the original elements could be recovered. Might be a bit expensive, though-- it’s not as if it’s a BBC costume drama with resale value.


well it’s more to do with a graphic design shoot out


So… Shotgun Regular?


I remember marvelling at the HBO sequence…at the time computer graphics were definitely a thing, but a decade away from typical use. Hand-drawing was prominent for “lasery” effects and realistic backgrounds, like the amazing matte paintings in Star Wars. So I had no idea exactly which techniques might have been used where in terms of the big HBO and all the embellishments, though I assumed anything travelling thru “space” was done with bluescreen a la Star Wars. Nowadays you see an effect and just assume it’s CG, and it’s a big surprise reveal if it’s not, like the Old Spice ads.


hbo did update the city sequence.


Case in point: the “computer graphics” in the H2G2 TV series. Which were made completely old school by hand. (And are arguably the best visuals/special effects in the whole thing.)


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They sure managed to strip away all the charm and personality away there, didn’t they.


The Anglia Television ident, used until 1988

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